TUAPPLEB - Cellet Apple Licensed 5Watt (1Amp) 30 Pin Home and Travel Wall Charger for iPhone 4/4s, iPod Touch, iPod Nano


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UPC 800768608940
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  • Features one-touch retractable button and folding blades
  • Apple Licensed
  • 2.5 foot long retractable cord
  • Input: 110V-240V, Output: 5V~5Watt (1Amp)
  • Compatible to iPod Classic, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4/4s, iPod Nano 5th Gen, iPod Touch 2/3 and any other Apple 30 pin-compatible devices

Charge your iPhone 4s or any other Apple 30 pin device with the Cellet Retractable Home/Travel Wall Charger. Simply connect your Apple device to the charger and it will fully charge within 2-6 hours (depending on the device). Our Apple licensed items meet Apple¡¯s strict manufacturers¡¯ specifications therefore it will not damage your device. Equipped with a one-touch retractable button and folding blades, this convenient charger is the perfect charging solution while you¡¯re on the go.

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