TCMOTV3R - Cellet MINI USB Black Retractable Travel Charger FOR GoPRO, All GPS, DIGITAL CAMERA, ETC.


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Cellet miniUSB Black Retractable Travel Charger for GoPro, All GPS, Digital Camera, and More:

 A retractable travel charger cable extends to the length you need to recharge the battery and power the phone for virtually unlimited standby and talk time.

  • The wire is 100 percent retractable
  • It only takes up minimal space
  • An intelligent IC chip prevents overcharging
  • The unit is less than the size of your palm
  • Its tangle-free wire makes for easy storing
  • Packaging: clamshell package
  • Packaging may change without notice
UPC 800768553752
BIN 0182 06

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