RHSU100 - Flexible Goose Neck Dashboard & Windshield Mount Car Cradle Smartphone Holder


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Mount your phone securely as you drive with the Cellet windshield/dashboard Phone Holder Mount. This mount has a 360-degree rotation and a flexible 3.5” gooseneck that allows you to view your device in any orientation desired. The 3.5-inch flexible gooseneck provides a stable foundation for the holder and the sticky suction cup/release lock system ensures a firm position onto your windshield or dashboard. You can remove and mount this holder onto any car, the sticky suction cup is reusable, just rinse with water. The cradle has non-slip rubberized extendable arms and backing to secure and prevent any scratches on your device.  

  • 2-In-1 DESIGN - This car phone mount can be stuck to your car's dashboard / Windshield for convenience, but not to block your view when driving.
  • LONG FLEXIBLE ARM/GOOSE-NECK - Shockproof Design allows for easy positioning, and brings the device close to you. You can keep your eyes up instead of looking down at your phone.
  • 360 DEGREE ROTATION - Flexible gooseneck and 360-degree rotating holder allow you to position your phone or GPS horizontally, vertically, or tilt in any direction, provide the optimal viewing angle, and view your device at any angle or orientation while driving.
  • ONE TOUCH REMOVAL - easily secures the bottom and sides of your device with cushioned plastic holders, creating the best high grip auto dashboard cradle that can be quickly removed with our easy one-touch release button!
  • EASY & QUICK INSTALLATION - Before installing the phone holder, please wipe the car dashboard carefully with the damp cloth (No tools required). Press the button to release the clamps on your phone with just a push of a finger.

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