RA100 Cellet Ball Mount 25mm (1-inch) Ball to 17mm Ball Adapter


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RA100 Cellet Ball Mount 25mm (1-inch) Ball to 17mm Ball Adapter 

  • 25mm (1 inch) adapter is compatible with Garmin GPS and other devices with a 17mm mounting pattern (Most Phone Holder System)
  • Adapter fits onto Cellet Ball Mount, Arkon Robust, iBolt or RAM Mounts that feature the 25mm ball pattern. Adapter fits onto 25mm (1-inch) mount head or base.
  • This Cellet Ball 25mm (1-inch) to 17mm Dual Ball Mount arm is made out of a aluminum body with composite material and is compatible with all industry standard 1 inch / 25 mm mounting arms.
  • Commonly used as an converter other industry standard 25mm (1-inch) dual ball mounts / arms to any industry standard 17mm bracket including Garmin GPSand iBOLT smartphone holders. Use with any other 1-inch (25mm ) B size industry standard compatible mount.
  • With the dual ball adjustments, this mount allows you to have the flexibility of rotating your device 360 degrees. Converts a 1-inch/B Size/25mm Mount to a 17mm mounting pattern for Garmin GPS, iBOLT Phone holders, or any other 17mm mounting pattern device.
  • Length of this adapter is 2.5 inches measuring from one end of the arm to the other and is made out of sturdy composite material.*Mounts, holders, and devices sold separately
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