PHTAB43CNBK - Desktop and Wall Holder Mount with 360 Degree Rotation for Apple iPad Pro 10.5, Pro 9.7, IPad Mini 4, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, Amazon Fire HD and More - Black - by Cellet


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UPC 800768710070
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  • Place tablet holder onto the desktop or onto the wall
  • 360-degree cradle rotation lets you view your device in any desired position
  • Soft grips and backing to prevent scratches on the device
  • Screws and wall base are included
  • Heavy-duty base with adjustable settings

Securely mount your tablet on your desktop by day and mount your tablet on the wall by night. Simply place your tablet onto the desktop or slip the mount into the wall holder base. With the Cellet desktop and wall holder mount for tablets, you are able view your tablet in any desired angle. The holder is equipped with soft holder grips/back to protect your tablet from any scratches. Snap the cradle onto the 360 degree rotational knob by inserting and pushing up to lock into place. Additional tools such as screws and wall base are included.


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