PHSK119 - Cup Holder Tray for Car, Food Tray for Car Cup Holder with Phone Mount, 360 Degree Rotation and Non-Slip Matt for Cars, Boats, Golf Carts and More

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Cellet Car Cup Holder Phone Mount, Phone Holder Mount Cradle Universal Adjustable Compatible for All Smartphones Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Note, LG, Moto Google Pixel (Food Tray)

Watch a movie and enjoy your meals in the car with the cup holder food tray. Equipped with a phone holder, simply insert your device onto the base and start streaming. Non-slip, waterproof rubberized matt is added for convenience. The matt is also removable making it easier to clean. The cup holder tray has a 360 degree rotation capability to provide a comfortable and convenient position. Heavy duty adjustable base fits most cup holders. Insert base into cup holder, if base is too small, turn dial counterclockwise to extend wings to fit into your cup holder. To reduce extended wings, turn dial clockwise.

  • Simple and convenient, enjoy your meals in the car.
  • Tray is equipped with a removable non-slip, waterproof matt.
  • Heavy-duty adjustable base with extended wings and 360 degree rotation capability.
  • Equipped with a phone holder, simply insert your device onto the base and start streaming. 
  • Ideal for lunch breaks or road trips, provides an ideal place for your favorite food and snacks.
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