PHM300 - Magnetic Car Dashboard & Windshield Phone Holder Mount, 360 Rotation, Extendable Arm

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Mount your Apple iPhone/Smartphone in your car or onto your desk at home with the Dashboard/Windshield Holder Mount. Featuring an N52 extra-strength magnet holder, simply hover your device around the holder and it will attach instantly. The attached suction cup and lock lever allow you to mount your phone easily and securely onto any flat surface. The sticky suction cup is reusable (just rinse with water and let air dry) and allows you to easily attach and detach from any surface. Included in the package are two protective films and two rectangle magnets, one with adhesive backing and one without.

  • Extra-strength metal ring included.
  • Maintains your device at eye level without hindering the view.
  • A strong magnet allows your device to snap onto the holder instantly.
  • Mount is cradle-less, granting full accessibility to your screen and buttons.
  • The 360-degree rotational capability allows the device to be positioned at any desired angle.
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