PHC19CN - Heavy Duty Tablet / Smartphone Cup Holder Mount with 360 Degree Rotation by Cellet


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Securely mount your tablet or smartphone when on the go with the Cellet cup holder mount with 360 degree rotation. This cup holder mount is equipped with a heavy-duty adjustable base. Simply place the base into the cup holder, turn dial to extend wings to fit into cup holder if needed, then place your tablet onto the mount. The holder is equipped with non-slip holder grips/back to protect your device from any scratches and secures it in place. This cup holder mount provides a 360 degree rotation, which allows you to view your device in any desired orientation.

  • Non-slip rubberized grips / backing secure your device into place
  • Heavy-duty adjustable base with extended wings to fit your cup holder
  • Cradle has 360-degree rotational capability
  • Holds your device steady as you drive
  • Compatible to Apple iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Air, Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Notes, Galaxy S Series.
UPC 800768712081
BIN 1112 02

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