PH675BK - Car Windshield and Dashboard Phone Holder Mount, Secure Grip Universal Compatibility


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Cellet Universal Windshield Car Phone Holder's prime focus is functionality. Equipped with expandable arms at the touch of a button, the holder allows you to close the arms to ensure a secure fit. The heavy-duty arm allows flexibility even though it is firmly attached to the holder. Thanks to its heavy-duty extra-large suction cup and lock button, the Cellet Universal Car Phone Holder strongly adheres to most smooth flat surfaces, yet it is easily removable. The suction cup is simple to clean — use a damp towel to wipe and it's good as new. No matter if your phone is protected by a skin or case, the Cellet Universal Car Phone Holder Cellet Universal Car Mount grips firmly onto your device so you can drive with confidence.

  • ONE-TOUCH button activates the side arms to extend. Push in side arms to securely accommodate the size of your smartphone. Cradle can hold devices up to 3. 5 inches wide.
  • CRADLE has durable arms and has 360 rotation capability. The phone can be positioned at any desired angle.
  • EXTRA-LARGE suction cup with lock button conveniently attaches to the windshield or any other smooth surface and is easily removable.
  • EFFORTLESS maintenance of suction cup by wiping with a damp cloth
  • HASSLE-FREE Manufacturers - Please visit Cellet's storefront or website for detailed information.
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