PH210 - Magnetic Air Vent Phone Mount, Magnetic Phone Holder Compatible for Tesla Model 3 & Tesla Y

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Custom made for the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y, the phone mount is designed to perfectly fit the AC vent. It easily snaps onto the tesla dashboard vent and can be positioned anywhere along with the vent. There will be no damage to the dashboard wood panel. With the magnetic phone mount provided, easily mount and detach your phone. The ball joint mechanism allows you to adjust viewing angles for when you mount your phone onto the magnetic phone mount. The phone mount comes with metal plates that can be attached to the back of any phone or case allowing all phones to be compatible with the magnetic phone mount.

  • Maintains your device at eye level without hindering view.
  • Strong magnet allows your device to snap onto the holder instantly.
  • Mount is cradle-less, grants full accessibility to your screen and buttons.
  • The 360-degree rotational capability allows the device to be positioned to any desired angle.
  • 2 metal plates included: one round plate for non-removable battery doors (stick onto the back of the phone) and thin plate for removable battery doors (place in between battery and battery door).
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