PEN745 - Cellet Stylus, and Ink Pen Combo, (BLACK / BLUE / RED) 3 PACK


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Using the latest technology, the Cellet Universal Stylus + Ink Pen is as responsive as your fingers. With a durable rubber tip, it will not scratch your screen and allows you to type or draw accurately and comfortably. Simply push the top of the stylus pen and the medium point pen will pop out of the rubber tip; this convenient combination is perfect for jotting down notes as you search for information on your smartphone or tablet. The attached pen clip allows you to attach it to your book, diary, or shirt pocket and the internal ink cartridge is replaceable.

  • Conveniently designed as a stylus pen and ink pen combination
  • 3 Pack with 1 black, 1 blue, & 1 red ink Stylus Pens.
  • Ultra-sensitive, accurate as fingers
  • Instantly turn your stylus into a medium-point ink pen at the push of a button
  • Compatible with all capacitive touchscreen devices
UPC 800768699245
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