DCA4PK - Flexible / Soft / Tangle-Free Type A to type C Data cable - Pink - by Cellet


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UPC 800768702891
BIN 1042 02


  • Charge and Data Transfer
  • Flexible, soft, and tangle-free
  • 4ft heavy duty TPE type c cable with premium metallic housing
  • 4.5 mm thickness
  • Diverse color selection

Obtain the content in your device with our cleverly designed type A to C data cable. Sync and transfer your files from your computer to your device or vice versa. High power availability to charge your device at a rapid rate. Type A to C cable simplifies your connection, simply plug the cable into your phone and transfer content easily. Four feet cable length offers freedom to connect the device to a wall charger or to a host computer with a USB-C port.


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