DCA33XBK - Durable 3.3ft (1m) USB-C Data Cable, Fast Charging (2.4Amp)/Data Sync Cable – Black


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Obtain the content in your device with our cleverly designed USB-C data cable. Sync and transfer your files from your computer to your device or charge your device or vice versa. High power (2.4Amp) availability to charge your device with an AC wall adapter (not included) at a rapid rate. USB-C to USB-A cable simplifies your connection, simply plug the cable into your phone and transfer content easily. The cable length of 3.3ft offers freedom to connect your device to a wall charger or to your laptop. This cable is compatible with smartphones, tablets, cameras and other USB-C enabled devices.

  • Cable can withstand 2000+ bends, wear and tear, tangles, and frequent bending from plugging/unplugging.
  • Sync data or charge your device with 2.4Amps of power
  • USB-A to USB-C cable is 3.3 ft. long (1m)
  • Made of durable TPE and flexible PVC
  • Compatible with any USB-C enabled smartphone, tablet, and more
UPC 800768711237
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