CRSLEEVBK - Cellet EZStick Handstrap Wallet


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UPC 800768693816
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Hold your smartphone or tablet securely in your hand with the Cellet EZStick Handstrap Wallet. Equipped with strong 3M adhesive, simply stick it to the back of your phone case or tablet and slide your hand through the strap for a secure hold. It also features an elastic storage pocket that can hold numerous items such 3 credit cards, money, earphones or house keys securely - saving you the hassle of bringing your purse or wallet.

  • Strong 3M adhesive to affix onto various devices
  • Secure hand strap to hold your device without worrying about accidental drops
  • Elastic storage pocket can store up to 3 credit cards, earbuds or house keys securely
  • Perfect for commuting or traveling
  • Universally compatible


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