CN25M35F - Cellet 2.5mm pin to 3.5mm Input Stereo Plug Cable


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Easily convert any phones that use a 2.5mm input (LG VX-10000 Voyager, Venus VX-8800, Blackberry 8100 Pearl, 8830, Samsung Glyde U940, etc), to a 3.5mm input to make it compatible with any 3.5mm earpiece. You can use your favorite 3.5mm earpiece or headset for your Blackberry 8100 Pearl, 8830, or any other phones that use a 2.5mm input.
- Gold plated stereo plug
- White shielded PVC jacket
- Fully molded
- Packaging: clamshell package

UPC 800768601217
BIN 0142_03

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