TP900BK - Cellet 4-Outlet Flexible Power Strip With Timer and ON and Off Button, Dual USB Charging Ports(5V/2.1A) 1200W/10A 5ft Cord , Perfect for Computers, Smartphones, Tablets, and Other Devices - Black


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UPC 80076870296
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  • AC sockets + dual USB Port +1 power on/off with timer
  • Material: Fireproof PC
  • AC socket: 120V/60hz, 10A
  • 1.5-meter cable length
  • Timer ? 1-9 hours max

Tired of having a power outlet that doesn¡¯t fit in the place you¡¯ve been wanting to place it? Worry no more our Head?rotating power strip outlet resolves that issue. Simply adjust the shape of the 6 outages as they rotate in a 180-degree angle. This power strip provides four connection outages as well as one dual USB port connection. Another creative feature is one of the outages is a built in timer which can time up to nine hours. Its innovative shape and function to rotate gives you the convenient option to carry along during travels, accommodate the shape and toss inside your luggage.

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