TCMICRO10 - CELLET- Samsung S7 charger 5W /1 Amp Home Charger (4 ft. Micro USB cable Included) - Black


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Charge your device with your Apple cable or with the included micro USB cable with the CyonGear 5W / 1 Amp Hi-Powered USB Home Charger. Featuring a compact size and single USB for maximum compatibility, it can charge your tablet, smartphone, digital camera, or any electronic device at a rapid rate. With built-in smart IC chip technology, it prevents your device from overcharging, overheating, and over-current. This versatile charger is the perfect accessory for charging your device at home, work, or as you travel.

  • Features 5W / 1 Amp
  • Charge your Android device with the included micro USB cable
  • Use existing cables to charge devices such as tablets, smartphones, MP3 players, GPS systems, digital cameras
  • Convenient, compact size
  • Built-in Smart chip technology to prevent overcharging, overheating and over-current

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