STSAMN10P- Full Coverage Flexible TPU Screen Protector Cover- Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus


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Keep your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus screen looking brand new with the Cellet TPU screen protector. Precisely cut for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, the screen provides the ultimate protection for your screen without sacrificing touchscreen capabilities. Made of high-quality TPU film, this invisible screen protector fully protects your curved device from scratches, abrasion, and fingerprints. The film is easily installed and removed with no leftover residue. Along with the screen protector, the package includes an air bubble squeezer and microfiber cleaning cloth.

  • High-definition screen protector specifically designed and cut for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
  • Made of durable TPU material, transparent, yet heavy-duty to protect against scratches and fingerprints
  • A transparent screen protector does not interfere with touchscreen capabilities
  • Easy to install, simple and mess-free application and removal, no residue left.
  • Package includes: 1 TPU screen protector, blue film dust remover, alcohol wipe, microfiber cloth, and application instructions
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