STHOLDER11 - 2 Pack Stylus Holder, Apple Pencil Holder/Sleve for Apple iPad 11-inch (2020 version) - Black


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The additional touch every tablet needs. This handy stylus holder fits your iPad or tablet like a glove, slides on and off allowing you to use the stylus pen when desired. The elastic rubber band ensures the stylus rests safely on your tablet when you¡¯re not using it. Convenient for students or business professionals who attend meetings, a stylus pocket sling keeps your stylus pen in reach at all times without the chance of forgetting your stylus pen and occupying it later in your day. Our stylus sleeve protects your pen from retaining dirt and scratches on your tablet.

  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Stylus pen not included
  • Professional touch to any tablet
  • Stretchy band to fit your Apple iPad 11 inch
  • Ensures you no longer forget your stylus pen

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