SMIPHXSMGD - iPhone XS Max Mirror Screen Protector, Cellet 0.3mm Premium Mirror Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPhone XS Max (9H Hardness) - Gold


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UPC 800768719639
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Exclusively made for the Apple iPhone XS Max, this screen protector turns your phone into a mirror with premium shatterproof protection. For those who like the convenience of multi-functional items, this screen protector protects your Apple iPhone XS Max's screen and serves as a mirror that is with you at all times. Extremely convenient when traveling or on the go, this mirror screen protector allows you to touch up your makeup at any time. Each tempered glass screen protector provides 9H hardness strength with minimal thickness, offering scratch-proof protection without added space and its oleophobic coating gives resistance against smudges and fingerprints. Simple to install, the package includes an alcohol wipe, blue film, microfiber cloth, and sticker directions to assist in the application of the screen.

  • Turns your phone into a mirror with premium shatterproof protection
  • Mirror tempered glass for everyday use
  • Becomes a mirror when in lock mode
  • Shatterproof, scratch proof, provides 9H hardness strength
  • Oleophobic coating offers resistance to oil and grease

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