SGLGK20 - LG K20 Tempered Glass Screen Protector, Cellet 0.33mm Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector for LG K20 (9H Hardness)


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Protect your device's screen and your eyes with the ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector. Made of premium tempered glass, this ultra-thin screen protector provides maximum protection for your LG K20 screen without hindering touchscreen capabilities. Each slim-designed protector provides 9H hardness strength with minimal thickness and scratch-proof protection. The oleophobic coating ensures resistance against smudges and fingerprints. The anti-glare properties and matte finish aid in reducing eyestrain. Easy to apply simply align the tempered glass onto your device's screen, tap the center, the glue will spread out evenly throughout the rest of the screen. Hinge stickers were added for the simplest application and guaranteed results. The package includes one of the following: alcohol wipe, microfiber cloth, and blue film dust remover.

  • Instructions to ensure proper application
  • 99.9 % touchscreen sensitivity
  • The simple and mess-free application process
  • 9H hardness, shatterproof and scratch proof
  • High definition screen protector designed and cut precisely for LG K20

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