CCSAMS82BK - Samsung Galaxy S8 Sleek Rubberized TPU Protective Phone Case - Black


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Protect your Samsung Galaxy 8 confidently without sacrificing style. Thanks to its soft flexible TPU material and matte coating with anti-scratch protection your device remains stylish and its safety is ensured. Provides shockproof protection against costly accidental drops. With a raised screen lip bezel of 2mm and camera bezel, it prevents your screen and camera lens from touching any surface. Aligns exact with all buttons and ports allowing easy access to camera and all ports without having to remove the case. Cutouts are custom to fit any cable and outer tactile buttons are as responsive as your fingertips.
  • RAISED BEZELS FOR CAMERA LENS AND FRONT SCREEN – prevents your device from touching any surface
  • CUTOUT ACCURATELY ALIGNED with all buttons and controls, as well as ports giving quick access to camera and all ports with no need to remove the case
  • GRIP WITH CONFIDENCE - Textured with a rubberized finish, this anti-slip design prevents your device from slipping out of your fingers
  • SHOCKPROOF PROTECTION against costly accidental drops
  • SLIM & LIGHTWEIGHT design adds minimal bulk

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