RINGLIGHT-Selfie Ring Light with Phone holder, USB Powered LED Ring Light and Phone Holder with 3 Lighting Modes, Adjustable Brightness and Flexible Gooseneck Arms for Live streaming, Video conferences, Filming, Pictures Compatible to iPhones and Androids


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Use the Selfie LED Ring Light when filming videos, taking pictures, attending video conferences, and live streaming for the perfect lighting. The LED selfie ring light is equipped with 3 lighting modes, white, warm white, and yellow and adjustable brightness. Its compact, thin design makes it easy to store and carry, while not taking up much space when traveling. The heavy-duty clamp is equipped with foam padding to secure into place on your table or desk. To use, simply clip onto a table, desk, or any flat surface. Adjust the arms to your desired position and place your phone into the cradle. The 4 button control allows you to turn the LED ring light on/on, change the lighting mode and adjust the brightness to your liking with ease. This LED ring light is USB powered (AC adapter not included) and equipped with a 5.1-inch cable, no batteries are needed. 

  • No batteries needed, USB powered
  • Flexible goosenecks allow ring lights to be positioned at any desired angle
  • Heavy-duty clip easily mounts onto the edge of tables, desks, or any flat surface
  • 3 Lighting modes: White, warm white, and warm yellow and adjustable brightness
  • Useful for applying makeup, taking pictures/videos, live streaming, video conferences, and more
  • Cradle has a 360-degree rotation capability that allows you to view your device in any desired position.

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