PHW450MG - Cellet Extra Strength Magnetic (with Quick-Snap Technology) CD Slot Phone Holder for Smartphones


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Mount your phone securely with the Cellet Extra Strength Magnetic Phone Holder. Featuring an extra-strength magnet holder and two metal plates, the mount can hold any sized smartphone securely. Included in the package are two magnets: a sticky round magnet for non-removable battery doors and a thin metal plate for removable battery doors. Featuring quick snap technology, simply hover the phone onto the holder and it will quickly snap on; your device can be positioned at any desired angle. A turn knob tightens the CD base inside your CD slot, reassuring that it will not fall out as you drive. 

  • 2 metal plates: one round plate for non-removable battery doors (stick onto the back of the phone), a thin plate for removable battery doors (place in between battery and battery door)
  • CD Slot base with turn knob to firmly secure holder
  • Quick-snap technology allows your device to snap onto the holder instantly
  • The device can be positioned at any desired angle
  • Cradle-less, full accessibility to screen
UPC 800768683602
BIN 1174 01

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