PHN129 - Cradle-Less Car Smartphone Holder with 8 Suction Cup Holder

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Featuring cradle-less technology with 8 sticky mini suction cups, your phone will securely adhere to the holder and will not move as you drive.
The holder has a turn-lock mechanism that is adjustable to any desired orientation.
Equipped with an extra-large suction cup and turn-lock button, the holder will firmly attach to any smooth surface such as your windshield, dashboard, or tabletop.
Compatible with most phones, including all iPhones, Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4, Note 2/3, etc.
  • Featuring cradle-less technology, the holder has 360-degree rotation capability
  • 8 mini suction cups to keep your phone secure, works best on flat glossy surfaces (back of the phone)
  • Extra-large suction cup with turn-lock button to firmly adhere to any smooth surface
  • Can be used with most phones

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