PAPP8R21M- 2 In 1 Micro USB and Lightning USB Retractable Car Charger


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Do you have both Apple and Android devices?  Do your friends and passengers have different devices that always need charging?  Don’t like carrying around two cables to accommodate both micro USB and Lightning type of devices?  Cellet’s 3ft. 2 in 1 combo Micro USB and Lightning Car Charger offers compatibility for all your Android and newer Apple devices. Not only that, they accomplish this with a compact and clutter-free design. First, it is designed with a compact, switchable connector. Just switch the connector or snap it in place depending on if you are using the micro USB or Lightning side. Second, when it’s time to put your car charger away for storage, just press the one-touch retractable button and your 3ft cable disappears. No more cables getting tangled and knotted into a mess. No more wrapping the cable around the charger for keeping. Just press the button for easy organization and storage! 

  • Easy one-touch retractable button retracts cable back for easy storage.
  • Provides overheat, overcurrent, and overcharging protection for your compatible devices.
  • MFI APPLE CERTIFICATION - guarantees compatibility with all Lightning devices (iPod, iPhone, and iPad). No more incompatible error messages!
  • POWER - 10 watts / 2.1 amps output, built to charge tablet and power-hungry devices
  • Compact and clutter-free. Designed with a switchable connector to easily transform car charger from Micro USB Port to Lightning USB Port.

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