NEOIPHBK - Cellet Neoprene Apple iPhone Black Armband


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Whether you're going to hit the gym or go for a run, you'll appreciate the comfortable and convenient design of the Cellet Sports Armband. Hand washable and breathable, the armband is made of comfy neoprene material. It features a reflective border and the clear window screen allows all touchscreen capabilities on your phone. The built-in key pocket allows you to hold your house and/or car key saves the hassle of holding unnecessary keys as you work out. Run, jog, or run with all your necessities at hand with the Cellet Sports Armband!
  • Made of breathable neoprene and reflective material
  • Lightweight, hand washable
  • Keeps your phone in place while exercising
  • 12-inch comfortable armband is adjustable to your liking
  • Great for Gym or any outdoor activities

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