HDSHRTM - Universal Extendable Telescopic Arm Windshield and Dashboard Smartphone Holder Mount by Cellet


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Mount your phone and drive with confidence with our Cellet Universal Windshield and Dashboard Car Smartphone Holder. Equipped 360 degree rotation, you can position your device in any desired angle. The extendable telescopic arm provides a stable foundation for the holder and the sticky suction cup/release lock system ensures a firm position onto your windshield or dashboard. The lock lever with 2 modes allows you to secure the mount onto smooth or textured surfaces. The sticky suction cup is reusable (just rinse with water and let air dry) and allows you to easily attach and detach from any surface.

  •  Mount onto your dashboard, windshield, or any other flat surface
  • Heavy-duty base with extendable telescopic arm and lock knob
  • Lock lever with 2 different locking modes for smooth or textured surfaces
  • Durable sticky suction pad that can be reused, simply rinse with warm water and let air dry
  • Compatible with smartphones up to 4.5 inches wide
UPC 800768513732
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