CIPH612RD - Cellet Dura Series Shockproof Flexi Case for iPhone 6 / 6s - Red


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UPC 800768698231
BIN C51 01


Made of tough TPU materials, this flexible yet durable shockproof case provides maximum protection against accidental drops and cosmetic damage. Offering reinforced edges and an inner perforated cushion design are additional precautions against damage to your device. The 3mm front raised bezel lets you fully protect the screen and ergonomic hand design keeps a secure grip on your device.

  • Custom-fit for iPhone 6 / 6s (4.7)
  • Made of durable TPU materials & Ergonomic hand design for a secure grip
  • Shockproof: inner perforated cushion and reinforced edges for shock absorption
  • 3mm raised bezel for screen protection; the ground will not touch your screen
  • Poly-bag packaging materials

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