ACDOORGD - Contactless Door Opener Keychain, No-Touch Key Chain Tool for Doors, Touchscreens, Buttons and Handles - Gold


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Avoid direct contact with public objects, germs, and bacteria by using the contactless door opener. The contactless Door Opener is extremely convenient when you are out and want to avoid direct contact and spreading of germs. Use the door opener when opening push, pull, or sliding doors, to push the buttons on the elevator or ATM and open and close drawers. A Contactless door opener is also useful to avoid touching some public touchscreens such as store self-checkouts and when using ATMs. Small, lightweight but efficient, makes it easy to carry around. Simply attached to your keys or keychain for quick access.  

  • The no-touch key chain tool is made of sturdy and durable brass
  • Contactless safety no-touch tool helps avoid coming in contact with shared surfaces
  • Helps prevent coming in direct contact and the spreading of germs and bacteria
  • Contactless keychain is comfortable and compact making it easy to carry and use
  • For quick and easy access, hang onto your keys or key chain
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